A Korean-Look Day

8:09 AM

Saturday, let's make this day different.
What about different look?

Since I am an Asian, I would love to try Korean look for myself. Even I cant imagine what makeup should I wear, Koreans do have some multiple steps for face, eyes, and lips!

Okay, let's go natural with the cat eye liner and peach lipstick. (NYX lip cream works best!)

*ughh the photos look blurry :(
I uploaded this post by using blogger app on my mobile phone, not sure why all the picts are not high resolution :(*

fashion blogger indonesia

Oversized top is my favourite pick, so yeah I wear it again :D

fashion blogger indonesia

fashion blogger indonesia

How about a little shopping? :)

fashion blogger indonesia

fashion blogger indonesia

I dont think that oversized top will make my body look shorter and smaller (because I am not that tall). As long as I can pair it with short pants and sandals/heels.

Thanks for my hubby for taking the picts and paying the bills :D

fashion blogger indonesia

Top: Tira Jeans Oversized shirt
Pants: ZARA
Sandals: Nine West
Taken with: Fujifilm XA2

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