Too Hot to Get a Shot

5:48 AM

There are a lot of great shots you can take at stadion, probably not in the middle of the day where the sun is located straight above your head. But this so-called stadion in Bandung was so tempting, and I just bought a super cute and cheap Kimono outer. A shot must be done :p

I chose Arcamanik football stadion since I couldn't find the baseball one. Heard that it designed way cooler, yahh i guess it will be my next project when I visit this venue again.

fashion blogger indonesia
not as clear as it meant to be

I think I kinda failed, so I chose other angle around this stadion.. and yeah, stairs always work!

fashion blogger indonesia
in love with the 8bit sunglasses too! 
*pardon the horse butt behind :)

fashion blogger indonesia

 I am perfectionist but not in the mood to edit floor cleanliness. Ahh yes, the kimono i bought was from Ada Fashion Ciwalk Bandung. Feel free to stroll and buy :)

fashion blogger indonesia
One macro shot wont hurt :)

All the picts were taken by my beloved husband. As far as I can remember, we sweat too much after around 20 minutes and ran away back to the car, set the aircon to the max, and chill :D

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